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శ్రీ రామచరితమానస్ మంగళాచరణం

August 22, 2015

వర్ణానామర్థసంఘానాం రసానాం ఛన్దసామపి.
మఙ్గలానాం చ కర్త్తారౌ వన్దే వాణీవినాయకౌ..1..
Bow down to the dual of vANI and vinAyaka, for making auspicious of all words filled with meaning and meters filled with essence!

భవానీశఙ్కరౌ వన్దే శ్రద్ధావిశ్వాసరూపిణౌ.
యాభ్యాం వినా న పశ్యన్తి సిద్ధాఃస్వాన్తఃస్థమీశ్వరమ్..2..
Bow down to the dual of  bhavAnI and Sankara of the form sraddha (faith) and viSvAsa (confidence); without them one will not succeed seeing the inward lord – Iswara!

వన్దే బోధమయం నిత్యం గురుం శఙ్కరరూపిణమ్.
యమాశ్రితో హి వక్రోపి చన్ద్రః సర్వత్ర వన్ద్యతే..3..
Bow down to Guru of the form Sankara ever filled with ability to teach and make (me) understand. By taking refuge in him, even if the chandra (moon) is curved (and have been tainted with defects) is revered. (Siva weares the curved moon on his head, who ever bows down to Lord Siva eventually bow down to chandra as well!)


–Today is SrI TulasIdAsa jayanti 

My continued association with Computer Science

August 8, 2015

It has been 27years of my association with “Computer Science” today!

Recently I heard a student making a remark while selecting the course for undergraduate: “What is there in computer science? I can learn java on my own”

My clarification is as follows: “Computer Science” is not just a programming language or the skill of writing an program. A deep understanding of operating systems, memory management, compilers, data structures and algorithms, data storage, compression, encryption and security, parallel processing, analytics and on and on….

Along with the understanding, ability to apply the understanding to implement the algorithms with existing computing resources for solving the problems makes up the study of “Computer Science”

Of late, I have started learning the statistical language “R” and trying to experiment my ability to apply machine learning on some #kaggle challenges. My first submission to a competition: (Currently stand at 1110th position) 

Having moved my regular technology blogging to LinkedIn, my last year’s post: 

Earlier on this blog: 

All my last year posts can be found on LinkedIn:

So, like any other subject, “Computer Science” has lot of depth and breadth, if one wants to explore it!!