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భావగ్రాహీ జనార్దనః

July 2, 2016

మూర్ఖో వదతి విష్ణాయ విద్వాన్ వదతి విష్ణవే
ఉభయో స్సదృశం పుణ్యం భావగ్రాహీ జనార్దనః

mUrkhO vadati vishNAya = An uneducated person not knowledgeable of vyAkaraNa and the declination of words ending with “u” says “vishnAya namaH” to pray

vidvAn vadati vishNavE = a learned person properly prays “vishNavE namaH”

ubhayOH sadRSam puNyam = (but) both achieve the same virtue

bhAvagrAhI janArdanaH = The supreme lord janArdana only takes the essential intent i.e, bhAva and not the words / material stuff used to convey it!

Nagalingeshwara swami as seen through Nandi’s horns after a special rudrabhishekam on occasion of Sani trayOdaSi mAsa SivarAtri today on behalf of self, family, relatives, friends, followers and everyone for the sake of reduction in hardships and improved peace and prosperity 😊 (bhAva)

— Quoted by SrI SrI SrI bhAratI tIrtha mahAswami in one of the pravacanas came to my notice recently through a WhatsApp post.