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mitra-hiraNya-bhUmi-karma sandhis

June 17, 2017

The last post was over a year ago. It was part of a discussion in artha SAstra called mitra-hiraNya-bhUmi-karma sandhayaH that deals with agreements related to acquiring friends, wealth, territory and collaborative efforts in infrastructure development.

When two allies agree on collectively gaining territory is an agreement. When the territory has been acquired, one who gets a profitable land gains more. What makes profitable? That yields, which has less resistance in merger. Key point stressed here is the ability to make the new territory free from resistance and hostility; bringing into productivity and associated management challenges discussed even before thinking of making such an agreement.

There are some cases where two leaders come together to build something new in a land that is currently not useful. A greenfield development also discussed. In such cases, they need to get all levels of people to migrate to this new development. Need to get intellectuals, traders, skilled workers and normal workers need to be moved to the new development.

Last of the agreements is the karma sandhi – an agreement to achieve some common infrastructure development like forts, roads etc., between two countries or territories ruled by multiple kings.

In all these agreements, not related to war, two leaders / kings come together to make new friends, create new wealth, gain land / territory owned by another king or completely new development of common land which is not inhabited currently or develop new infrastructure. Different types of roads, water ways,

What helps progress and development is given a lot of importance. A long term view taken by kauTilya while discussing these agreements is really shows his concern to the people’s progress and well being while making efforts by the kings.

This brings us to the end of 12th chapter of 7th book of artha SAstra. 

ధన్యుల కర్మ

June 16, 2017

త్యక్త్వా మమ-అహం ఇతి బంధకరే పదే ద్వే
మాన-అవమాన సదృశాః సమదర్శినః చ
కర్త్రః-అన్యం అవగమ్య తత్ అర్పితాని
కుర్వంతి కర్మ పరిపాక ఫలాని ధన్యాః

— ఆది శంకరుల ధన్యాష్టకం నుంచి

Having given up two binding words “I and mine”
being equal towards the likes of honor-dishonor as well
understood that the doer is diffent (from self) and resigning (results thereof in that doer)
performs actions of fully ripened results (as duties) – those are blessed

—  Adi Sankara’s “praise of the blessed” stotram

Remembered this SlOka when I heard through various social media channels that the jagadguru of Sringeri has been dishonored at a function by an ignorant person. The results surely bind the ignorant and never touch those with wisdom. May god forgive those ignorant people.

Full dhanyAshTakam can be read: