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>Another "Year" Revolves!

February 13, 2011

>Sri Vikruti naama samvatsara Maagha Suddha Dasami, Ravivaaram 13th Feb 2011. It marks another revolution from the auspicious day of “Bhishma Ekadasi” last year.

Let me write a brief summary of Life and its Purpose:
1. Human form of life is very unique with its discriminative intelligence (viveka)
2. Its purpose is to evolve the “individual consciousness” to divine realm. (called Moksha)
3. The divine realm is beyond the three usual states of consciousness i.e, waking, dreaming and deep-sleep and three divisions of time i.e., past, present and future.
4. The individual time-quantum (called ayush) is limited during which one should attain THE GOAL! (of evolving to divine realm)
5. “Yoga Vedanta” path is one of the surest & simplest path for attaining this highest goal of moksha.
6. The individual surrender happens in following parts:
Part1: put together all the intellectual energy and surrender it at the lotus feet of GURU
Part2: put together all the emotional energy and surrender it at the feet of LORD (iswara)
Part3: put together all the physical energy and surrender it at the feet of VIRAT (God’s universal form)
7. “saadhana” is the process of achieving the complete surrender as described above. Saadhana requires a conscious effort.
8. As soon as this surrender is complete, the individual finds his individuality dissolve completely in the universal existence, consciousness in universal consciousness and merges in the eternal BLISS.
9. GURU is the trusted GUIDE during the process of saadhana as he has gone through the process and knows the starting point, process and the end point of the saadhana.
10. Swetasatara upanishad (6:23) says:
यस्य देवे पराभक्तिः यथा देवे तथा गुरौ ।
तस्यैते कथिताह्यर्थाः प्रकाशन्ते महात्मनः ॥
11. The Ananda is the TRUE NATURE of the self. It is the non-duality of existence-consciousness-bliss can only be experienced and never be explained!

My Guru’s words:
“An ounce of practice (saadhana) is better than tons of theory. Don’t give up saadhana. Give up EGO. Sacrifice the ego in the sacrificial fire and burn it down and be a child. Be a Satyakama Jabala, a Nachiketa. Be a Dhruva. You will Realize the Self very next moment.”

om tat sat

Note: As “years” revolve, it is only an indication that the SELF (=GURU = GOD) that is observing the “prarabdha karma” take its own course as a continuous saadhana of sacrificing the ahamkaara!