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nyAsa in the sat for eight years by this mAgha Sukla EkAdaSi

February 6, 2017

bhIshma EkAdaSi marks another revolution of Earth around the Sun after:

Guru’s way of life, every action as well as inaction and silence will reflect wisdom. — Swami Virajeshwara Saraswati

nyAsa is to keep in the custody. For example if I have a car and then I am going abroad, keeping the car with one of my trusted friend is called nyAsa. I am not giving it away completely, but keeping it in the safe custody. My friend will take care of the car, use it as needed. When and if I come back and take it or I can let him do what he wants with it. That is nyAsa.

So, keeping the ego under the custody of pure conscious self known as sat is called sat+nyAsa = sannyasa.

This day signifies the eight anniversary of my sannyasa. The ego is thoroughly under safe custody of the infinite, pure, blissful conscious self by the grace of my Guru. Once in a while the trusted friend individual jeeva, borrows it and uses it to act in this world through the body, speech and mind layers animated by the life force.

Considerable spiritual work during the last revolution:
1. 18 minute read on medium: (Bhagavad Gita — As I see it)

2. The heart of God: (Aditya hRdayam)

om tat sat

jaya EkAdaSi of SrI manmatha year

February 17, 2016

As we reach the eve of jaya EkAdaSi of SrI manmatha nAma samvatsara, it marks 173rd EkAdaSi upavasa with complete understanding of the subject called SELF beyond all objects and their symbolic expressions.

By ever flowing grace of guru, continuing spiritual saadhana. The year passed and calendar changed since the last post 

Spiritual work by unlimited grace of swami: 

  1. ulladu nArpadu i.e., 40 verses on reality of bhagavan ramaNa maharshi on Medium –
  2. A short talk on Srimad bhagavad gIta on Gita jayanti 2015 at Hamsa Ashramam

om tat sat

First EkAdaSi of SiSira Rtu again

January 29, 2015

This post marks completion of 74 lunar cycles (72 sankramaNas of Sun through the zodiac) after I came to my final spiritual conclusion six years back on this mAgha Sukla EkAdaSi dedicated to bhIshmAcArya also known as jaya EkAdasi that grants victory in the year named jaya as well.

The post at end of fifth year :
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Having taken a deep dive within with the help of SAstra and satsanga with wise men is like drinking nectar, Bliss overflows and makes a stream of knowledge run in a gentle flow.Started a medium publication to share some fundamental ideas of spiritual life.

A major event that marks this year is mahA samadhi of parama pUjya gurudev 
swami virajeshwara saraswati maharaj.

guru pAduka

After innumerable number of life spans animating various forms of low and high degrees in various worlds, I have entered the present manifestation due to the precipitation of virtue that was accrued all along.

Then came an intense desire to know the source and realize the truth.

Finally the Guru appeared. Guru helped to establish unfailing faith on scriptures. Then came the tAraka mantra and assurance of Guru who has attained the final goal using it.

Gradually, confusion lifted itself away giving rise to vivEka and vairagya; firmly established in sAdhana in three layered auspiciousness! Guru’s grace is just beyond all the words, it has to be experienced by everyone!!

कामादिसर्पव्रजगारुडाभ्यां विवेकव्ऐराग्यनिधिप्रदाभ्यां ।
बोधप्रदाभ्यां द्रुतमोक्षदाभां नमो नमः श्री गुरुपादुकाभ्यां ॥

కామాదిసర్ప వ్రజ గారుడాభ్యాం వివేకవైరాగ్యనిధిప్రదాభ్యాం
బోధప్రదాబ్యాం ద్రుతమోక్షదాభ్యాం నమో నమః శ్రీ గురుపాదుకాభ్యాం

om tat sat

Five cycles of saadhana

February 10, 2014

On this bhIshmm EkAdaSi of srI vijaya year, it is the start of sixth revolution of this tiny Earth around its basis after the little ego identified its dependent appearance.

BhagavAn ramaNa says:

अहम् अपेतकं निज विभानकम्
महत् इदं तपो रमण वागियम्

As a review of past revolution, a good two months has been spent on “writing” on upadeSa sAram on Medium –

Saadhana is for removal of the ego. Saadhana should sink deep into the core of very being of the saadhaka. That is the greatest tapas. The tapas should be done in most gentle, most gracious method as provided by the successive teachers starting from Lord NarayaNa, Lord Brahma, BhagavAn vaSishTha, all the way down to my Guru through the great philosopher of all time Adi Sankara bhagavadpAda AcAraya.

It is bliss all the way through the saadhana, it is bliss that is attained by the saadhana and most importantly it is the same bliss everything ever originated from!!

om tat sat.

“Progression” as it were!

February 21, 2013

SrI nandana nAma samvatsara mAgha Sukla EkAdaSi – bhIshma EkAdaSi marks another circumambulation of the tiny self on this Earth around the universal self – Sun.   

The seed of life on earth is Sun, the food that sustains life here is Sun, one who devours life on Earth is Sun as well. There is no way that the universality/unity of Sun’s nature is no way distinct from the diversified picture seen here on the Earth with huge variety of ecosystems in the water, on the land and in the air. Forests, rivers, societies, countries, cultures, wants, needs, fights, wars, construction and destruction everything appear to happen only due to the light of Sun and only to the subtle life force that acts in the Eye of the being witnessing all these things.

In this modern world, all the confusion seems to be caused by two misconceptions.

1.       You only live once

2.       It’s my life

Life is eternal and it animates multiple bodies across multiple worlds depending on each one’s desires and actions. Only due to unconditional compassion of Lord a being appears at a suitable place for a suitable period of time to enjoy/suffer the results of its own thoughts/words/deeds. Lord gives innumerable chances to any being to realize the ultimate and “human form” is the best suited to do so. To born as a man is a great privilege earned through the compassion of God.  So, the misconception of “You only live once” causes unnecessary hurry to enjoy things and results in over consumption and over production causing a lot of damage to the “nature” of God.

All life is connected wherever it is. The air that we breathe is not bounded by any boundaries. The light we take for Sun is neither bounded, the water which flows as rivers is all due to the Sun’s heat that evaporates the water in the oceans and makes them as clouds. But everything is bound by the law of karma – one should be responsible for all the thoughts, words and deeds performed by him/her. All the results of such things resulting harm for another being beyond the allowance granted by God will have to be paid for. The legislation established by the Lord is unfailing and applies to each being equally here. So, the misconception of “It’s my life” causes harm to other beings and ultimately to the individual.

Life is eternal and connected. Living a simple, pious life leads to ultimate good for the individual leading him directly towards the highest knowledge of one-ness of everything.

“vAsudEvaH sarvam iti” is the right knowledge leading one to highest eternal bliss.

Om tat sat

Third pradakshina around The TRUTH of SELF

February 2, 2012
naukAyitAbhyAm gurubhaktidAbhyAm |
namO nama: SrI gurupAdukAbhyAm ||

guru pAduka
SrI khara naama samvatsara, uttaraayana, sisira Rtu, mAgha maasa, shukla paksha, dasami (eve of Bhishma Ekadasi, or Jaya Ekadasi… ) that marks three pradakshiNas of Earth around its bearing principle SUN after “flower of my mind” established firmly at the gurupAdukas and let me realize the unlimited TRUE SELF (turiya) beyond mind and its five vrittis that encompass three states of being – jagrat, swapna and shushupti. 
om tat sat

>Another "Year" Revolves!

February 13, 2011

>Sri Vikruti naama samvatsara Maagha Suddha Dasami, Ravivaaram 13th Feb 2011. It marks another revolution from the auspicious day of “Bhishma Ekadasi” last year.

Let me write a brief summary of Life and its Purpose:
1. Human form of life is very unique with its discriminative intelligence (viveka)
2. Its purpose is to evolve the “individual consciousness” to divine realm. (called Moksha)
3. The divine realm is beyond the three usual states of consciousness i.e, waking, dreaming and deep-sleep and three divisions of time i.e., past, present and future.
4. The individual time-quantum (called ayush) is limited during which one should attain THE GOAL! (of evolving to divine realm)
5. “Yoga Vedanta” path is one of the surest & simplest path for attaining this highest goal of moksha.
6. The individual surrender happens in following parts:
Part1: put together all the intellectual energy and surrender it at the lotus feet of GURU
Part2: put together all the emotional energy and surrender it at the feet of LORD (iswara)
Part3: put together all the physical energy and surrender it at the feet of VIRAT (God’s universal form)
7. “saadhana” is the process of achieving the complete surrender as described above. Saadhana requires a conscious effort.
8. As soon as this surrender is complete, the individual finds his individuality dissolve completely in the universal existence, consciousness in universal consciousness and merges in the eternal BLISS.
9. GURU is the trusted GUIDE during the process of saadhana as he has gone through the process and knows the starting point, process and the end point of the saadhana.
10. Swetasatara upanishad (6:23) says:
यस्य देवे पराभक्तिः यथा देवे तथा गुरौ ।
तस्यैते कथिताह्यर्थाः प्रकाशन्ते महात्मनः ॥
11. The Ananda is the TRUE NATURE of the self. It is the non-duality of existence-consciousness-bliss can only be experienced and never be explained!

My Guru’s words:
“An ounce of practice (saadhana) is better than tons of theory. Don’t give up saadhana. Give up EGO. Sacrifice the ego in the sacrificial fire and burn it down and be a child. Be a Satyakama Jabala, a Nachiketa. Be a Dhruva. You will Realize the Self very next moment.”

om tat sat

Note: As “years” revolve, it is only an indication that the SELF (=GURU = GOD) that is observing the “prarabdha karma” take its own course as a continuous saadhana of sacrificing the ahamkaara!

Final Post – Who am I?

February 6, 2009

|| AUM || Shri Gurubhyonamaha!

Sadasiva Samarambhaam Sankaracharya Madhayamam
asmad acharya paryantaam vande guru paramparam.

shruth smruti puranaanam Alayam karunAlayam
Namami Bhagavadpaada Samkaram Loka Samkaram

Sri Vishnu rupayaa Sadaasivaya

Sri Sarvadhaari Naama Samvatsara, Maagha Suddha Ekadasi – Bhishma Ekadasi.

This is the last Post on to this blog – There is nothing left to SAY!!

“Ekam Sat”; “Vipra Bahudaa Vadanti” |

Truth is ONE; The Wise men say it differently.

That TRUTH comes into DIRECT EXPERIENCE for a sincere SEEKER of TRUTH.

There is very little (or nothing worthy) one achieves until he/she reaches the lotus feet of GURU (=SELF =GOD)

There is nothing left to achieve ONCE the SEEKER completes the SURRENDER at the lotus feet of the GURU. (The realized sage). This surrender happens ONCE & only ONCE. All the mis-identification merges into its source and vanishes completely without a TRACE.

THE TRUTH is immutable, eternal, infinite, existence, consciousness, bliss.
There is NOTHING beyond, behind, in front of, prior to, posterior to, above, below, greater than, smaller than, similar to, different from, before, after THAT TRUTH.


|| AUM ||

Owner and Knower of the Field

December 2, 2008

There is really an important difference between the “Knower” and the “Owner” of the Field (kshetra).

What is the Field?
It is the World/Universe [what appears in a larger sense] and Body/Mind/Intellect [what sees]; both the Seen and Seer are part of the Field.

The Seer “thinks” that it is the OWNER of “some of the Seen” and it wants to expand the OWNERSHIP to the rest of the Seen. This is the nature of the OWNER.

Let us see the two important properties of this OWNER:
1. This OWNER thinks that he is conscious. Thinks that he has his OWN awareness.
It is like one of the cells of the body thinking that it is independent, it gets oxygen and food on its own effort, it has to work to sustain and build itself and it is distinct from its environment. Each cell of the body is part of a subsystem, all the systems put together it is the BODY. The consciousness is ONE across the body which supplies awareness to all the cells. Similarly, all the consciousness/awareness seen all over the universe is ONE. So, thinking that each individual body has its own awareness/consciousness is a fallacy.

2. This owner draws an imaginary boundary, assumes OWNERSHIP within the boundary and Identify itself with this boundary.

But this OWNER is just the THINKER (mind); Who thinks that he owns some of the Field. It is clear that “this OWNER” is not different from the Field itself. The Field includes this Body/Mind/Intellect. Hence this idea of OWNERSHIP is a fantasy.
{This OWNER is EGO – the Illusory Thing}

Knower – kshetrajna
Knower is the one who knows the true nature of the Whole Field. The Field as a “thing-in-itself” as a whole devoid of words and ideas. {Please refer to the Thing, Word and Idea post} The object of the Knower is the Intellect, through which the rest of the Field is seen. To Know a thing in itself one has to completely pervade that thing. So this Knower pervades the whole of the Field and completely distinct from it at the same time ONE with it.
{This Knower is SELF – REAL THING}

A OWNER can never be a Knower and vice-versa. A OWNER is assumed in the KNOWER. OWNER is missing the first “K” and confused over the letters “O” & “W”.
The goal is to be the Knower, by filling up the correct understanding and removing the confusion.

I am the Knower of this Field, I OWN nothing – absolutely nothing.

Note: The above is an attempt to put the Words of Lord in my own Language…
Any reader interested can get hold of the original holy book Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Chapter -XIII explains the nature of Kshetra and the Kshetrajna.

Om Tat Sat.

Practice – Saadhana

October 23, 2008

“Simple Natural Living and Profound High Thinking” is what the Saadhana all about. Have Faith in this simple truth. That is saadhana. Saadhana is like the prescription to the disease. The result is restoration of Health – The original state.

What you eat is what you will become. Conquer the three inch long tongue. This is the first step of Saadhana. For the sake of this one small tongue the whole body is put to trouble by the ordinary human being. Without a healthy body, no further practice can be done.

Eat natural, simple, balanced food sufficient to maintain the body. Avoid excess of sweets, spicy food, oil, salt, and other strong tastes.
Sprouts, unpolished rice, pulses etc give wonderful nutrients to the body.

The age of cells on the tongue is about 14 days. If you strictly follow a satvic food continuously for 15 days, the new cells formed on the tongue will start liking and relishing the sattvik food.

Asana – The good posture of sitting, standing and in overall living to be inculcated.

Clean the body externally, give sufficient rest and sufficient entertainment to the body. (yukta ahara viharasya yukta cestasya karmasu, yukta svapnavabodhasya YOGO bhaviti duhkahaa – BG 6-17)

Vital Force (Prana):
The air outside when enters the body becomes vital force. Regulate the breathing process. Get to the rhythm of regular full capacity breath to fill and EMPTY the lungs. This will help cleaning the 80% of the toxins produced in the body.

Drink sufficient water, as the water only becomes Prana as per the Upanisads.
Drink water early in the morning, 1 hour before solid food and two hours after the food. It will help cleaning body from inside. (remaining 20% cleaning)

Mind is nothing but the stream of thoughts, continuously changing and never sticking to one point. Try bringing the Mind to one place and one thought stream. Dharana and Pratyahara are the technical terms for this process. It is loosely translated into English as Meditation. Do meditation.

Naama Japa is an excellent tool for bringing the Idle mind to one pointed concentration. Take a favorite god and just repeat the name of the god. No praying for some worldly gain, no complaints to god, no requests, no desires…. Just chant the name. God knows what is best for you. He will surely give what you DESERVE. Have Faith.

Over a period of time the good qualities will automatically come into the mind.
Dama – control of senses in all situations
Daattam – charity to the needy ones in what you have
Daya – compassion to all beings

Use the mind as the tool to control the senses, developing the righteous path. To the continuous stream of right thoughts, unbroken and uninterrupted.

Knowledge (Vijnana):
Satsanga – Associate with the wise people. Associate with the SAT – the being. Association with wise alone can give the correct Knowledge.

Swadhyaya – Study the literature from divine scriptures.

Descriminative knowledge of eternal and non-eternal to be inculcated.
Whatever is produced, purified, transformed, obtained is NOT eternal. It could be destroyed, tainted, further transformed, lost over time.
Whatever has parts is NOT infinite.

The absolute whole without parts is the only eternal – That is supreme, That is self.

Vichara – Inquire into that self, The real I, the Subject without any objects.

Bliss (Ananda):
This is automatic for a Saadhaka who is regulating the food and posture, vital air, mind and developing virtues of dama, dattam, daya along with the association with the wise.

This bliss is infinite, everlasting and unending. – This is directly experienced. Yes – It is experienced directly – the original and natural state of the self.

Saadhana is not mere studying scriptures, discussing about the TRUTH. It is about practicing and directly realizing the TRUTH.