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Salt, Soldiers and Salary

July 29, 2014

What is the common thing in salt, salary and soldiers? All these words have the same root ‘sal’ in Latin. A probable link to Sanskrit word salila (सलिल – which flows, water) is the common root for this word.

Probably, the most ancient job that paid salary could be soilder. Ancient romans used to pay soldiers with bars of salt. (sal dire means to give salt = soldier) Also the salt bars could be exchanged with other commodities so it worked just like money (coins) due to its unavailability in the past.

Later we have a very established career option of salaried employees with a monthly pay period. I have took up such an employment with the first pay period falling on October 1993 and a payroll processed towards me for 250 months (July 2014 is 250th) in one company’s system or the other. A majority of those monthly salaries are from TCS.

TCS 164
Oracle 50
Total 250

Ideally, by savouring on the TATA salt provided by salary from TCS, one should always be worth the salt.

More than half a million employees are working under the industrial empire formed under the TATA group under the great leadership of visionaries like JRD Tata the founder of TCS which alone employes 3 lakhs globally.

A quote from JRD Tata – “Strive for perfection and you will reach excellence”

Remembering a great visionary on his 110th birth anniversary.