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A generation of “infonauts” in the world of “augmented reality”

November 19, 2012

With the news around the new augmented reality (AR) game from Google called ingress, the mobile augmented reality seems to be coming mainstream. It is all about “engaging” the person with the device and taking the person into the device.  Once the person inside the device collect the behavior and finally “sell” the person something by making the person feel happy having that “thing”! Or it makes the person feel a loss without the “thing”!!
Google with its new massively multiplayer map-based mobile alternative reality game (MMMMARG as abbreviated by a Forbes article!) called “ingress” which has objectives to “check-in” to “portals” that may be designer shops etc., guides the “players” to accomplish the “objectives” 
So, the current generation is not just happy with the “reality” of the world. They need to augment the reality with information. Location aware, mood aware, temporally aware information to keep themselves busy (I mean really busy!) and active (I mean only mentally active!).  As the word rightly fits them is “infonauts” who are passing through the information. What is this information? It is all about things, likes and dislikes, deals and offers.  All these strive to get a “consumer” to a place where the producer makes money! 
Each move within the “augmented reality” is being recorded, modeled and used for making profits by the businesses. Just be aware. 
But, it generates a lot of “big-data” for me to handle and hopefully I continue to design solutions to manage that heaps of information and derive some meaningful (that make business sense!) insights for business to make profits!!