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User Experience – HTML5

September 28, 2011

Approximately two years back, I have made a post on “Rich Internet Applications” where the development of user experience focused on the plug-ins on the browser or run-time environments like Adobe AIR for rich experience. (See Desktop Widgets post…. )

As the technology progressed in last two years, the new/emerging HTML 5 seems to take on the web user experience design to the standard based, plug-in independent mode.

Some examples can be found on :

Another dimension today is the “mobile devices” along with the browser on desktop/laptop. 

When it comes to the mobile devices and integration with the specific device capabilities, one should develop “native applications” to take full advantage of the native hardware of the device. Standards are good but Native Applications can do better. On the other hand, using the standards we can develop once and deploy on multiple devices where as native applications development requires “effort/time” on each platform…

So, there is no silver bullet for the problem of Rich User Experience needs of ever changing world!