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Ancient advice applicable for projects & tasks

September 24, 2011

I have been writing this techno functional consulting blog for past 4 years and I like to bring some ancient touch for modern Project Management:

अफलानि दुरन्तानि समव्ययफलानि च
अशक्यानि च कार्याणि नारभेत विचक्षणः

aphalAni = Those without fruit, durantAni = those with a bad ending (i.e., ends in failure), sama-vyaya-phalaani ca = and, those who are equal in effort and result (i.e., that do not end in either profit or in loss!), aSakyAni ca = and, those which is beyond the capability (i.e., impossible ones!) kAryANi = activities, projects, tasks na+ArabhEta = should not be started or initiated by vicakshaNaH= the wise man.

In my view there is only a 50% success rate in the Information Technology projects. So, it is wise to start only the projects that are sure to be successful. so, the ancient scholar of the above verse saying:

Don’t take up a task/project if it is known to be:
a. meaningless or fruitless,
b. sure to land in a bad-end,
c. is of no-gain; no-loss
d. impossible or beyond one’s own capability

We will improve the “success rate” if we follow this basic advice before taking up the projects & tasks!!

Given a chance I will put this in the beginning of PMP and PRINCE 2 certification material.