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నమామి తం ప్రాంజలిరాంజనేయం

December 12, 2016

ఉల్లంఘ్య సింధో స్సలిలం సలీలం యశ్శోకవహ్నిం జనకాత్మజాయాః
ఆదాయ తేనైవ దదాహ లంకాం నమామి తం ప్రాంజలిరాంజనేయం

— శ్రీ కార్యసిద్ధి హనుమద్వ్రతం మార్గశీర్ష శుక్ల త్రయోదశి సందర్భంగా

ullanghya sindhoH salilam salIlam = Having crossed the waters of great ocean
yaH sOka-vahnim janakAtmajAyAH AdAya = having taken the fire of grief from the daughter of janaka, who
tEna Eva dadAha lankAm = with that fire burnt the lanka
namAmi tam prAnjaliH AnjanEyam =for that AnjanEya, I bow down with the folded hands.

— Today is the kAryasiddhi hanumat vratam. margasira sukla trayOdasi.


అమృత లహరీ

July 28, 2014

భవాని త్వాం వందే భవమహిషి సచ్చిత్సుఖ వపుః
పరాకారం దేవీమమృతలహరీమైందవ కళాం
మహాకాలాతీతాం కలితసరణీ కల్పిత తనూం
సుధాసింధోరంతర్వసతిమనిశం వాసరమయీం – 1

–సుభగోదయ స్తుతి, శ్రీ గౌడపాదాచార్య 

bhavAni tvAm vandE bhavamahishi saccitsukha vapuH
parAkAraM dEvImamRtalaharImaindava kaLAm
mahaakaalaatItaam kalitasaraNI kalpita tanUm
sudhAsindhOrantarvasatimaniSam vAsaramayIm – 1

भवानि त्वां वन्दे भवमहिषि सच्चित्सुखवपुः
पराकारां देवीममृतलहरीमैन्दवकलाम् |
महाकालातीतां कलितसरणीकल्पिततनुं
सुधासिन्धोरन्तर्वसतिमनिशं वासरमयीम् ||१||

For full stuti –

This stuti is an important trites for those who practice the SrIvidya tradition. 

O bhavAnI, I prise thee, consort of bhava, having truth-consciousness-bliss as body
of the supreme form, the source of light, gentle flow of nectar, a bright spark,
beyond the movement of time, that flows in the invisible . sushumna stream thereby assuming a form, always present in ocean of blissful nectar, of the nature of brightening dawn.

Worshipping mother in the form of mangala gauri, varalakshmi in this month of srAvaNa are all multiple forms of SrIvidya sampradAya…

Science, Research, Consulting and Philosophy

August 8, 2013

It was this day 25 years back (08-08-1988) I have joined my Bachelors of Science in Computer Sciences course. The aim at that time is be become a Scientist. As the years passed, I have completed my Masters and joined in Indian Space Research Organization.

Due to various reasons, I could not register for a PhD degree nor could continue my Research career. Instead, I started doing software consulting joining TCS, the largest software services company of India. That took me to various business domains starting with Banking moving into Utilities (Gas Transportation), retail, financial services and insurance. Working as a developer, tester, modeller, designer, architect, pre-sales solution support, offshore delivery manager etc., roles gave me an experience worth of PhD.

Later it was a period of working with Oracle in the core Server Technologies division when we were working closely with the select elite customers of Enterprise Manager product who were monitoring and managing large data centers.

A later period it turned out to be philosophy. Philosophy of data, information, knowledge trying to optimize the end to end information flows using the right strategies for the life cycle of information. Efficient data capture from individual transactions. Supporting the operational requirements with the needed latency, making it available in the right format for its human and other computing systems, transforming and moving around efficiently to derive much needed long term strategic decisions etc.,

Most of my career till date has moved through the highs and lows of information technology hype cycles, peaks, waves and magic quadrants…..

Links to the blog posts that are made around 8-August…..

Last year:


హంస మంత్రం

July 27, 2013

గమాగమస్థం గమనాది శూన్యం
                   చిద్రూపదీపం తిమిరాపహారం |
పశ్యామి తే సర్వజనాంతరస్థం
                   నమామి హంసం పరమాత్మ రూపం ||

— యోగశిఖోపనిషత్ నుంచి  (హంస గాయత్రి ధ్యాన శ్లోకం)

gamAgamasthaM gamanAdi SUnyaM
                  cidrUpadIpaM timirApahAraM |
paSyAmi tE sarvajanAntarasthaM
                  namAmi haMsaM paramAtma rUpam ||

(THAT) Is established in exit (niHSvAsa i.e., exhalation)  and entry (utSvAsa i.e, inhalation)  but devoid of any movement
              Is of the form of light of consciousness (cit) which removes the darkness (timira i.e ignorance)
I see THOU established in all the (living) beings
              I bow down, “haM sa”  The SOUL ultimate of all beings!

Every human being recites (silently performs a japa of) this mantra 21,600 times daily! which keeps the being alive. Only due to THAT soul’s presence all the movements of mental, emotional and physical layears are expressed and impressed!

Can we save capitalism from itself?

March 29, 2013

Thoughts from reading
The Trouble With Markets: Saving Capitalism from Itself, Second Edition
by  Roger Bootle

This book has three sections and the Economist author goes on to say how we have ended up here in the first three chapters.  

Section 1: The great implosion:
The 1930s had seen the Great Depression and the 1970s the Great Inflation. The 1990s had seen the Great Moderation. This was the Great Implosion.
The next 4 chapters he deals with the trouble with the markets.

Section 2: The trouble with the Markets
As Robert Heilbroner put it: “The profit motive, we are constantly being told, is as old as man himself. But it is not. The profit motive as we know it is only as old as modern man.”
OK, The next section of three chapters

Section 3: From implosion to Recovery
Keynes was right in three major respects:

  • Economic activity is permeated by fundamental uncertainty.
  • As a result, many of the major factors that affect the economy are psychological and depend critically on the state of confidence, which is not readily analyzable or predictable.
  • Consequently, the modern economy is inherently unstable and fragile

Conclusion starts with this quote –
All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
–Leo Tolstoy, 1873

Overall this book is a good read, but I am still unsure of one thing:
So, Is it really possible to save capitalism from itself?

రథ సప్తమి

February 16, 2013

నమస్సవిత్రే జగదేక చక్షుషే
జగత్ప్రసూతిస్థితినాశ హేతవే
త్రయీమయాయ త్రిగుణాత్మధారిణే
విరిఞ్చి నారాయణ శంకరాత్మనే
namassavitrE jagadEka cakshushE
jagatprasUtisthitinASa hEtavE
trayImayAya triguNAtmadhAriNE
viri~nci nArAyaNa SankarAtmanE

namaH = I bow down
savitrE = to savita (Sun the light giving God)
jagat-Eka-chkshushE = The only EYE of this world (who makes everything visible on the Earth world)
jagat prasUti, sthiti, nASa hEtavE = the primal cause behind “bringing out”, “sustaining” and “merging back” of the world appearances
triyI-mayAya = spread across the vedic triyI (Rk, yajur, sAma)
triguNAtma dhAriNE = one who holds three guNas – sattva, rajas, tamas [ sattva – the very being that sustains the earth its orbit. Rajas and Tamas are like light and heat of SUN which creates and devours all the life on the Earth ]
virinci – nArAyaNa – Sankara -AtmanE = one who is the SINGLE soul of “Creator Brahma”, “Lord nArAyaNa – the sustainer” and “Sankara – the transformer”

— ratha saptami very auspicious day for praying Sun God tomorrow mAgha Suddha saptami AdivAram

శారదా భుజంగ ప్రయాత స్తోత్రం

February 14, 2013
(Photo from
జ్వలత్-కాంతి-వహ్నిం జగన్మోహనాంగీం
భజే మానస-అంభోజ-సుభ్రాంత-భృంగీం
భజే శారదాంబాం అజస్రం మదంబాం
I praise mother SAradAMba, my mother eternal, shining with all the true essense of literature, music and dance (all fine arts), who roams around the lotus of mind like a bee (what roams around in the mind is knowledge!), who is a bright flame of fire (jnAnAgni – that can destroy ignorance / avidya) at the same time who can delude the whole world! (for those who mis-understand the world as an independent reality!)

SrI panchami tomorrow  (link to past posts) –

Full stotra on stutimandal –

ద్వైతము సుఖమా?

January 31, 2013

పల్లవి:  ద్వైతము సుఖమా? అద్వైతము సుఖమా?

అనుపల్లవి: చైతన్యమా! విను సర్వ సాక్షీ!
విస్తారముగాను తెల్పుము నాతో (ద్వైతము)

చరణం: గగన పవన తపన భువనాద్యవనిలో
నగధరాజ శివేంద్రాది సురలలో
భగవద్భక్త వరాగ్రేసరులలో
బాగ రమించే త్యాగరాజార్చిత (ద్వైతము)

శ్రీ త్యాగరాజ స్వామి (వారి ఆరాధన సందర్భంగా పుష్య మాస బహుళ పక్ష పంచమీ )
“ఎందరో మహానుభావులు అందరికీ వందనాలు”  అన్న త్యాగరాజ స్వామి వారే ఈ జటిలమైన ప్రశ్న ని శ్రీ రాముల వారినే అడిగారు.

For English:

on Intutive Knowledge by Swami Vivekananda

January 12, 2013

Today, 12th January 2013 is the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. He has influenced several people and I am one among them. (See my past post on his influence on me- )

Would like to put up a simple thought of Swami from “Swami Vivekananda an Intuitive Scientist” –

om tat sat

రస దృష్టి

January 10, 2013

शिवे शृंगारार्द्रा तदितरजने कुत्सनपरा
सरोषा गङ्गायां गिरिशचरिते विस्मयवती ।
हराहिभ्यो भीता सरसिरुह सौभाग्य जननी
सखीषु स्मेरा ते मयि जननि दृष्टिः स करुणा ॥

శివే శృంగారార్ద్రా తదితరజనే కుత్సనపరా
సరోషా గఞ్గాయాం గిరిశచరితే విస్మయవతీ  ।
హరాహిభ్యో భీతా సరసిరుహ సౌభాగ్యజననీ
సఖీషు స్మేరా తే మయి జనని దృష్టిః సకరుణా ॥

SivE SRMgArArdrA taditarajanE kutsanaparA
sarOshA ga~ngAyAm giriSacaritE vismayavatI
harAhibhyO bhiitaa sarasiruha saubhAgyajananI
sakhIshu smErA tE mayi janani dRshTiH sakaruNA

— saundarya laharI (51 slOka) of Adi SankarAcArya

The expression towards Siva is sRingAra, others (who feel they are ‘Men’ in front of you) kutsana i.e., disgust or bhIbhatsa. towards Ganga it is rOsha i.e., raudra. Listening to the narrations of giriSa i.e, Siva the expression is vismaya i.e, adbhuta or wonderment. Thy eyes show the expression of fear i.e, bhIta or bhayAnaka rasa towards the ‘ahi’ the snakes that adore Lord Siva. The red tinge like the red-lotus in the eyes signify the vIra rasa that generates the saubhAgya. Towards thy sakhIs i.e, friends, hasya rasa is expressed. Towards me (the devotee) thy expression is always karUnA i.e. compassion.

Out of nava rasas, eight are covered above and “sAnta rasa” is not. Why? divine mother’s nature is pure sAta which is the basis of all the rest of rasas.

om tat sat