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web age of WWW

August 8, 2011

As the WWW turns 20 years over the weekend (Link to the first webpage), my association with the computers turns 23 years today. The WWW is estimated to have approx. 20 billion pages as of today.

The information hungry world started making “Assets” out of information. Information has been classified as confidential, sensitive, internal, limited circulation, public etc., and some companies purely live only on “Informational Assets” today…

Protecting these information assets in the current day scenario of (operation shady RAT and reports stating that the claims of shady RAT themselves are shady!! ) hacking is truly a challenge. The information storage and its regulated flow to different end points need to be fully governed and secured.

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with all these technology still there is a lot of “insecurity” among the technologists. Why?

Originally the information is published by the owner of that information and he/she would secure it with necessary proven authentication. Overall the information flow is between two known entities. (e-mail etc.,)


Public information is broadcasted to reach maximum number of recipients. (spam mails etc.,)

As the WWW advanced to “Social” media the information is now being published by individuals for consumption by different like minded individuals who are directly known or unknown to the original publisher. This mode of information flow makes the whole process of information security very complex.

Technology surely can live up to the challenges that are posed by the trends in the information management area. Only thing needed now is cleaver brains to tackle the threats… It is all in the proper implementation of the available technology…

On this 8400 day of my association with computers and software, I am working on securing the information in the financial industry… Let us all hope we will have another 20 years flourishing, safe and secure WWW….