స్వభావము – ప్రకృతి

December 3, 2015

काकः पद्मवने रतिं न कुरुते हंसो न कूपोदके ।
मूर्खः पण्डितसङ्गमे न रमते दासो न सिंहासने ।
दुष्टः सज्जनसङ्गमं न सहते नीचं जनं सेवते ।
या यस्य प्रकृतिः स्वभावजनिता केनापि न त्यज्यते ॥

व्याघ्रः सेवति काननं च गहनं सिंहो गुहां सेवते
हंसः सेवति पद्मिनीं कुसुमितां गृधः श्मशानस्थलीम् ।
साधुः सेवति साधुमेव सततं नीचोऽपि नीचं जनम्
या यस्य प्रकृतिः स्वभावजनिता केनापि न त्यज्यते ॥

1. A crow do not enjoy in the garden of lotus ponds; A swan can’t enjoy in a small pit of water. A fool will not enjoy the company of wise; a servant can’t hold the throne of a leader. Wicked one can’t bear pious people and works for wicked only. Each one follows the character as per their own nature and hardly give up on “prakRti

2. A tiger enjoys in the deep forest, a lion enjoys the cave, a swan enjoys on the lotus flowers, a hawk enjoys in the burial ground. People with soft nature enjoy in the company of soft people and wicked enjoy among wicked. Each one follows the character as per their own nature and hardly can give up on “prakRti

yA yasya prakRtiH svabhAva janitA kEnApi na tyajatE – Above two verses show the difficulty of giving up one’s own nature. Everyone thus should focus on building right character considering the fact!

క్రియాసిద్ధిః సత్త్వే భవతి

November 26, 2015

विजेतव्या लङ्का चरणतरणीयो जलनिधिः ।
विपक्षः पौलस्त्यो रणभुवि सहायाश्च कपयः ।
तथाप्येको रामः सकलमवधीद्राक्षसकुलं ।
क्रियासिद्धिः सत्त्वे भवति महतां नोपकरणे ॥

रथस्यैकं चक्रं भुजगयमिताः सप्ततुरगाः ।
निरालंबो मार्गश्चरणविकलो सारथिरपि।
रविर्यात्यंतं प्रतिदिनमपारस्य नभसः ।
क्रियासिद्धिः सत्त्वे भवति महतां नोपकरणे॥

घटो जन्मस्थानं मृगपरिजनो भूर्जवसनं ।
वने वासः कन्दैरशनमपि दुःस्थं वपुरिदम् ।
अगस्त्यः पायोधिं यदकृत करांभोजकुहरे ।
क्रियासिद्धिः सत्त्वे भवति महतां नोपकरणे ॥

Above three samskruta subhAshita gives three examples of how accomplishment of task depends on the inner strength irrespective of how weak the environmental support one has.

1. what has to be conquered is Lanka, Ocean has to be crossed by foot, opponent is the great son of pulastya, the army is only monkeys; even then the RAMA, single handed won over the mighty rAkshasas.

2. The chariot has only one wheel, seven horses are tied to it by snakes, the path is sky without any directions, the driver has no legs; even then the SUN traverses the horizon every day.

3. Birth place is a pot (a test tube!), followers are animals, dress is made up of bark of birch plant, living place is forest, eats only bulbous roots, body is short; even then sage agasthya was able to take the water form all the oceans in his palm.

“kriyAsiddhiH sattvE bhavati mahatAm nOpakaraNE”
Hence, the accomplishment of great people depends purely on their innate strength and not on the helping tools or support from outside.

— Today is auspicious full moon day of month of kArtIka celebrated as jvAlA tOraNam, mahA kArtIki, guru nAnak jayanti


November 15, 2015

ప్రాతః స్మరామి భవభీతిహరం సురేశం
గంగాధరం వృషభవాహనమంబికేశమ్

ప్రాతర్నమామి గిరిశం గిరిజార్థదేహం
విశ్వేశ్వరం విజితవిశ్వమనోభిరామం

ప్రాతర్భజామి శివమేకమనంతమాద్యం 
వేదాంతవేద్యమనఘం పురుషం మహాంతమ్
నామాది భేద రహితం షడ్భావశూన్యం

ప్రాతః సముత్థాయ శివం విచిన్త్య
శ్లోకత్రయం యే నుదినం పఠంతి
తే దుఃఖజాతం బహుజన్మ సంచితం
హిత్వా పదం యాంతి తదేవ శంభోః

1. Early in the morning, I think of one who removes the fear of world, lord of gods, who holds river ganga in in locks, rides the ox, husband of divine mother, holds khatvAnga, SUla, varada and abhaya mudras in hands, Isa i.e lord – The medicine to cure the disease of samsAra! who has no second!!

2. Early in the morning I bow down to the dweller of mountains having half of body occupied by the daughter of mountain who is the cause of beginning, middle and the end; Originator, Lord, conqueror of the universe; The medicine to cure the disease of samsAra!  who has no second!!

3. Early in the morning I sing about auspiciousness, one, having no end or beginning, only known through the upanishads vEdAnta, sinless, the mightiest being, who has no distinctions by the means of names or forms, who is devoid of six transformations of (birth, growth, sustenance, disease, decay and death); The medicine to cure the disease of samsAra!  who has no second!! 

Having woken up early, thinking of Siva, WHO recites the above three verses every day; THEY get rid of misery collected over multiple lifespans, attain THAT ultimate abode of auspiciousness of Sambhu.

— On the occasion of first kArtIka sOmavAra of SrI manmatha year

బ్రహ్మ వృన్దం

November 1, 2015

మార్గే మార్గే నిర్మలం బ్రహ్మ వృన్దం
వృన్దే వృన్దే తత్త్వ చిన్తానువాదః
వాదే వాదే జాయతే తత్త్వబోధో
బొధే బొధే భాసతే చన్ద్రచూడః

mArgE mArgE nirmalam brahma vRndam 
vRndE vRntE tattva cintAnuvAdaH 
vAdE vAdE jAyatE tattvabOdhO 
bodhE bodhE bhAsatE candracUDaH 

On each path there is a purified group of individuals i.e.,  brahma vRndam
in each group there is a discussion on reality
in each discussion, arises the realization
in each realization shines the supreme lord!

Balancing powers using dual policy – dvaidIbhAvikAH sandhivikramAH

September 27, 2015

It has been over two months from the last post http://sastra-artha.blogspot.in/2015/07/on-treaties-related-to-war.html dealing with treaties related to war.

Probably the seventh chapter of 7th book is one of the most complex dealing with the dvaIdI-bhAva or dual policy.

What is dual policy? – Continue the conflict with one opponent while making an agreement with the other. So, fundamentally there is an offer that need to be made by the vijigIshu or to take a decision to accept/reject an offer made by another in rAja manDalam i.e., the circle of kings.

The dual policy is all about bargaining power (or negotiating power) in the circle of kings. Some offers from weak opponent may need to be accepted and sometimes an offer need to be made towards a weak opponent to have a strategic long term advantage in the circle of kings.

By applying dual policy one should exchange the money power with material power or material power into money. Example: getting access to a suitable location to attack a more powerful opponent by offering slightly higher price to the current owner of that location.

This chapter deals with unequal treaties with opponents or groups of opponent. It also deals with studying such unequal treaties that are happening between other kings in the circle of kings.

There are only 31 statements in this chapter that are arranged into 10 different scenarios based on who is offering, what is the offer, what are the conditions of offer, who is accepting, what are the conditions of acceptance by shri L.N Rangarajan in The Arthasastra (Penguin)

अतो बुद्ध्येत पणितः पणमानस्च कारणम्
ततो वितर्क्योभयतो यतः श्रेयस्ततो व्रजेत्

So, the offers made by opponents need to be analyzed for the intentions behind them along with the offer and its conditions. Value of the offer and the intentions behind such offer need to be carefully analyzed before accepting or rejecting such offers. Having understood the offer, reason the impacts of accepting and rejection thoroughly. Then take what is beneficial in long term.

That is the art of negotiation as per kauTilya in 105th chapter of artha SAstra that is 7th of 7th book.


September 20, 2015

తిమిరారి స్తమోహంతి శఙ్కాతఙ్కిత మానసాః
వయం కాకా వయం కాకా ఇతి జల్పంతి వాయసాః

timirAriH – the (ari) enemy of (timira) darkness
tamOhanti – destroying the (tamas) cause of darkness
SankAtankita mAnasAH – having a doubt (that misidentifying them as darkness due to black color) in the mind
vayam kAkA vayam kAkA iti = “we are crows, we are crows”
jalpanti vAyasAH = crows are making noise!

Today is bhAnu (Sunday) saptami (7th moon phase) a combination that is auspicious.

పవర్గము – అపవర్గము

September 11, 2015

పినాక ఫణి బాలేందు భస్మ మందాకినీ యుతా
పవర్గ రచితా మూర్తిః అపవర్గ ప్రదాయినీ

పినాకము అనే ధనస్సునూ, ఫణులను ఆభరణాలుగానూ, బాల చంద్రుణ్ణి శిఖలోనూ, భస్మాన్ని లేపనంగానూ, మందాకినిని జటలలోనూ కలిగిన; “ప, ఫ, బ, భ, మ” ల తో అనగా ప-వర్గం తో రచించబడిన మూర్తి (ఇంకెవరు, మహాదేవుడు, సదా శివుడు) అపవర్గమును లేదా మోక్షమును ఇవ్వగలడు.

–శ్రీ మన్మథ నామ సంవత్సర  శ్రావణ మాస శివరాత్రి సందర్భంగా

pinAka phaNi bAlEndu bhasma mandAkinI yutA
pavarga racitA mUrtiH apavarga pradAyinI

pinAka is the name of the bow symbolizing preservation of this world; (pa)
phaNi is the snake symbolizing time is the ornament (pha)
bAlEndu is the curvy moon of third phase symbolizes mind of changing nature (ba)
bhasma is the ash that is smeared over the body symbolizing the dispassion (bha)
mandAkini is the river that can give life and purify the beings (ma)

The form appearing with the above five signs of pa-varga of alphabet is capable of giving apavarga i.e, mOksha aka the ultimate liberation!

— SrI manmatha year SrAvaNa mAsa SivarAtri today….

శ్రీ రామచరితమానస్ మంగళాచరణం

August 22, 2015

వర్ణానామర్థసంఘానాం రసానాం ఛన్దసామపి.
మఙ్గలానాం చ కర్త్తారౌ వన్దే వాణీవినాయకౌ..1..
Bow down to the dual of vANI and vinAyaka, for making auspicious of all words filled with meaning and meters filled with essence!

భవానీశఙ్కరౌ వన్దే శ్రద్ధావిశ్వాసరూపిణౌ.
యాభ్యాం వినా న పశ్యన్తి సిద్ధాఃస్వాన్తఃస్థమీశ్వరమ్..2..
Bow down to the dual of  bhavAnI and Sankara of the form sraddha (faith) and viSvAsa (confidence); without them one will not succeed seeing the inward lord – Iswara!

వన్దే బోధమయం నిత్యం గురుం శఙ్కరరూపిణమ్.
యమాశ్రితో హి వక్రోపి చన్ద్రః సర్వత్ర వన్ద్యతే..3..
Bow down to Guru of the form Sankara ever filled with ability to teach and make (me) understand. By taking refuge in him, even if the chandra (moon) is curved (and have been tainted with defects) is revered. (Siva weares the curved moon on his head, who ever bows down to Lord Siva eventually bow down to chandra as well!)

From: http://www.ramcharitmanas.iitk.ac.in/ramcharitmanas 

–Today is SrI TulasIdAsa jayanti 

My continued association with Computer Science

August 8, 2015

It has been 27years of my association with “Computer Science” today!

Recently I heard a student making a remark while selecting the course for undergraduate: “What is there in computer science? I can learn java on my own”

My clarification is as follows: “Computer Science” is not just a programming language or the skill of writing an program. A deep understanding of operating systems, memory management, compilers, data structures and algorithms, data storage, compression, encryption and security, parallel processing, analytics and on and on….

Along with the understanding, ability to apply the understanding to implement the algorithms with existing computing resources for solving the problems makes up the study of “Computer Science”

Of late, I have started learning the statistical language “R” and trying to experiment my ability to apply machine learning on some #kaggle challenges. My first submission to a competition: (Currently stand at 1110th position)


Having moved my regular technology blogging to LinkedIn, my last year’s post:


Earlier on this blog: http://technofunctionalconsulting.blogspot.in/2013/08/science-research-consulting-and.html 

All my last year posts can be found on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/15133503

So, like any other subject, “Computer Science” has lot of depth and breadth, if one wants to explore it!! 

అచిత్తిమిరం – గురు వచనం

July 30, 2015

दमुना यमुनाजनकश्च विधु-
र्मिलिताः शतशोऽपि न शक्नुवते ।
यदपाकरणे तदचित्तिमिरं
त्वमपाकुरुषे वचसैव गुरो ॥

దమునా యమునాజనకశ్చ విధు-
ర్మిలితాః శతశో’పి న శక్నువతే
యదపాకరణే తదచిత్తిమిరం
త్వమపాకురుషే వచసైవ గురో

— From guru tOTaka stotram of SrI SrI chandraSEkhara bharaTI mahAswami

The darkness of ignorance which can’t be removed even by combining the light of hundreds of fires, suns and moons together, is dispelled by thy teaching. Oh Guru! 

— On the eve of SrI vyAsa pUrNima of SrI manmatha nAma samvatsara!! 

Photo Credit: http://www.hamsaashramam.org/photo-gallery